About us

BGNES News Agency was established in September 2001.

It is privately-owned independent news agency, aiming at informing precisely and promptly for all the important events within the country, on the Balkans and abroad.

All specialized surveys indicate that BGNES News Agency is absolutely independent, impartial and authoritative news agency. It has clean financial and tax record.

The head office of the Agency is situated in the Capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. The main editors' offices are also here: Internal news, International News, Balkans, Culture, Business and Economy, Sports News. BGNES News Agency is continuously working 24 hours per day, publishing more than 500 news per day.

Journalists, reporters and photo reporters with long-term experience in the profession work for BGNES News Agency. BGNES covers the whole country by its own correspondents.

The web address of BGNES News Agency is www.bgnes.bg. The access to the information of the BGNES News Agency is upon subscription. Various news are published on the free access site of BGNES, with thousands of unique visitors per day.

BGNES News Agency has the copyright for thousands of photos, TV interviews of presidents, political leaders, ministers, popular public and cultural figures and sportists.

Every subscriber of www.bgnes.bg is able to use the archives of more than 10 000 000 news and about 8 500 000 photos.