85% of the Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria have been issued temporary protection documents

The European Commission has paid more than EUR 3.5 billion to Member States to help them manage the arrrival of Ukrainian refugees. Bulgaria has received EUR 148 million as part of a cohecion funding programme.

According to Bulgaria’s Deputy Premier for Good Governance Kalina Konstantinova, this money is a pre-financing under the Recovery Assistance for Cohesion and the Territories of Europe (REACT-EU) mechanism. Kalina Konstantinova attended a discussion at the European Parliament Liaison Office in Sofia themed "The Road Ahead to Ukrainian Refugees in Europe and in Bulgaria". She expressed hope that next week Bulgaria will adopt a measure aimed at encouraging the employers to hire Ukrainian refugees. Bulgaria is also working on two other measures-support for the NGO sector for fieldwork and setting up centers for children. In Kalina Konstantinova's words, more than 85% of the Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria have received temporary protection documents, the largest percentage in the EU. /BGNES