Andrey Kovachev: Zaev must immediately distance himself from provocations

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and the government of the Republic of Northern Macedonia must immediately distance themselves from the provocations. He must make clear what the relationship is with Slovenia's "International Institute for Middle East and Balkan Studies", what they are paid and how much they have been paid so far.

This was said to BGNES by the Bulgarian MEP from the EPP Andrey Kovachev on the occasion of the revelations that Zaev's advisers who work at the institute have organized a defamation campaign against Bulgaria and Germany, in which both countries and their governments are defined as "mafia" and Germany and as a "Nazi" country.

"Zaev must reveal what contractual relations he has with this institute and whether the executives in it have been or still are his advisers," Kovachev urged.

According to him, this is important to clarify so that no one can afford to fund such defamatory campaigns in the future.

"The words spoken against Germany and Bulgaria, against the ruling German HDZ / HSS parties and personally against Chancellor Angela Merkel, as well as against Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and GERB, are extremely harsh, insulting and false," said Andrei Kovachev.

He welcomed Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva's decision to call the RSM ambassador for an explanation.

"He must be called and there must be a protest note, which I expect will be made. It should ask Prime Minister Zaev to distance himself from these slanderous writings, "said the Bulgarian MEP.

The behavior towards Germany and the attempts to discredit our partners and friends there are incorrect.

"This cannot go unnoticed in the European institutions. I will acquaint my colleagues with the relations between this institute and the government of Zoran Zaev ", added Andrey Kovachev. /BGNES