Borissov: All Vasilev's budgets lead to bankruptcy

All of Assen Vassilev's budgets lead to bankruptcy. The gap in the budget is 12 billion. This is what GERB leader Boyko Borissov told supporters in Targovishte, reports BGNES correspondent from the region.

"We continue the change" gave away a lot of money gambling to buy the votes of citizens through pension and salary increases and to stifle the voice of the opposition.

Tax rises are coming, every company in Bulgaria will pay over 33% tax.

Borissov warned of the upcoming tax rising because of the unwise financial policy of the Petkov-Vasilev tandem for the last two years, ever since they came to power as ministers and then as prime minister and finance minister.

"On Friday, the caretaker cabinet will submit a draft law on new taxes. GERB's pride was that for 10 years we kept the lowest tax in Europe - 10%. Every company in Bulgaria will pay more than 33% tax - from the small garage, true the hairdressers, to the big companies like Shishe Jam” in Targovishte. Once again they will take your money," Borissov warned.

Bread producers sell their bread to the big chains for 70 stotinki and they sell it to you for 1.50 BG levs. 80 stotinki difference they take out from your pocket. I would not allow such a thing if I govern, Borissov told. /BGNES