Borissov: Bulgarians were misled and will now pay the interest on the loans of "We Continue the Change"

“Bulgaria chose "The Path of Change", and the Bulgarians were misled by its kompromats”, said Boyko Borissov at a meeting with supporters and members of GERB in Pernik.

Borissov recalled the corrupt practices of the Petkov Cabinet and its ministers, most importantly Nikolay Sabev, previously the Minister of Transport. “The former Minister of Transportation stole money from the post offices, which weren’t operational for months during his stint as minister, so that all the cargo and parcels could only be transported through his company. In the end he didn’t even show up to hand over his post, but instead fled to Spain.”

The former Prime Minister warned his constituents: “If you allow "We Continue the Change" to win and govern, after a year, you will be forced to seek them out abroad. The money they take isn’t going to be there, though. When the loans become due, the Fiscal Reserve will be down to 7-8 billion BGN, 5 of which is the Silver Fund, which isn’t freely usable. We will be forced to take out a loan, and we all know how debilitating the interest rates are right now. It will become so that we’ll all have to work just to be able cover said interest”. / BGNES