Borissov: I will absolutely not support any laws that rob businesses

I will absolutely not support any laws that rob businesses. This was stated by GERB leader Boyko Borissov in front of hundreds of sympathizers and members of the party in Lovech, a BGNES reporter informed.

"What is being proposed now, let's not forget that Finance Minister Rositsa Velkova was Asen Vassilev's deputy minister, she wants to do his dirty work," said Borissov.

"They want to tax every business, they want to take a few billion more from you to fill the hole left by Vassilev. They allegedly increased pensions, but inflation ate them up. And now they want to rob also the companies of the pensioners' children," he pointed out.

Borissov stated that he won’t allow to tax restaurateurs, tourism or gyms, which disciplinedly implemented all restrictions during the Covid crisis. "In this election, we have a last chance, but we need strong support," he said. /BGNES