Borissov: It’s clear even to the children that my arrest was ordered

It’s clear even to the children that my arrest was illegal, that it was ordered and even punishable.

That is what GERB leader Boyko Borissov said at an election meeting in Haskovo, commenting on yesterday's report of the US State Department and its findings. "We have returned to the 90s," the former prime minister noted.

"Yesterday the US State Department report came out, and there was silence in the media. And these are the people, who parade for the rule of law! And Hristo Ivanov with the illegal funding from "Nexo"?, what will he say", Borissov asked.

GERB hasn’t been in government for two years, and it is clear to everyone what the levels of corruption are now, Borissov added.

"They stole from you petrol, fuel, food, wherever - as best they could," he added.

We should give weapons to Ukraine - a great thinker said that neutrality helps the aggressor, not the victim. The EU gives billions of euros, we are supposedly in the EU family, but in fact we are neutral, the GERB leader added. /BGNES