Boyko Borissov questioned for one hour regarding cases from 2009 and 2012

GERB leader Boyko Borissov reported at the General Directorate National Police for questioning this morning. Protestors from GERB party had gathered in front of the building to support him on his way in and on his way out.

“In their desire to humiliate me, the Central Election Commission decided to leave me as MP yesterday, but as MP I have immunity and cannot be summoned here, that is why in the middle of the night they changed their minds. Unfortunately, all three reports on which I gave evidence are that someone had heard something, that someone while he was jogging had said something, they are cases from 2009 and 2012, about a threat they say I made that I am going to “eat someone,” Borissov said.

The former prime minister was accompanied by his lawyer Menko Menkov. /BGNES