Bulgaria commemorates the victims of the communist regime on February 1

The Day of Homage to the Victims of the Communist Regime was marked for the first time in 2011 at the initiative of Bulgarian Presidents Zhelyu Zhelev /1990-1997/ and Petar Stoyanov /1997-2002/. On February 1, 1945, three regents, sixty-seven MPs, ministers, generals, colonels and public figures were excecuted and became victims of the People's Court.

In Lovech (Central North Bulgaria), a new film about the “Sunny Beach" labor camp was presented on the eve of the anniversary. The camp for political prisoners near Lovech was called "Labour Group", but became infamous as the "Sunny Beach" camp. "This is the most sinister story in my life," said Stepan Polyakov, director of the film “Sunny Beach - Express to Hell”. "Everyone is somehow a victim of a cruel machine - the victims on one hand and their tormentors on the other hand. Their fates are so intertwined that in the end it becomes clear that there is no justice in this world. Even those who make it out of the camp alive have a tragic fate”, said Stepan Polyakov. /BGNES