Bulgaria denies Ukraine’s request for heavy weaponry

“There are no direct threats of being dragged into the conflict. Any change in the situation causes concern,” said Caretaker Minister of Defence Dimitar Stoyanov before the start of today’s meeting of the Security Council with caretaker PM Galab Donev which is connected with the consequences, for Bulgaria, of the annexation of Ukrainian territories by Russia. In the words of Minister Stoyanov, there is no change in the situation in the Black Sea at this time. The only risk is from drifting mines. Mines have been found in Romania, Bulgaria and in Turkey.

Ukraine’s ambassador to Bulgaria Vitaliy Moskalenko requested heavy weaponry from Bulgaria, on behalf of Ukraine, but the request has been denied. “There is a decision by parliament which voted to provide military-technical assistance, but not weaponry, we cannot violate it,” Minister Stoyanov responded. /BGNES