Bulgaria elects a new parliament on April 4th

Parliamentary elections will be held in Bulgaria on April 4th, 2021. The Bulgarian citizens eligible to vote are 6,732,316. A total of 30 parties and coalitions are registered for the current elections. The candidates for deputies are 6895, according to BGNES reporter’s data.

The election day will start at 7.00 local time and will end at 20.00, when the first results of the exit polls will be announced.

Those are the first regular parliamentary elections organized since 2009. Also for the first time in those polling sections with more than 300 voters the possibility for them to vote by machine device will occur. The number of polling stations equipped with machine devices is 9398. The polling stations abroad are 465 and their total number in the country is 11 983. There will be at least 88 polling stations in the hospitals for COVID-19 patients. According the latest opinion polls of Bulgarian sociologists, between 5 and 7 parties will enter the new parliament. It is expected that the ruling party "GERB" will win the elections. The party's leader Boyko Borissov has been the cuntry's prime minister since 2009 with small breaks./BGNES