Bulgaria is preparing to tighten anti-epidemic measures

Bulgaria is to introduce new and stricter anti-epidemic measures to contain the spread of Covid-19 pandemic, said this country’s Chief State Health Inspector Dr. Angel Kunchev after the meeting at the Bulgarian Ministry of Health.

This country’s authorities will announce their decision on Thursday. In Sofia city and Sofia Region, the measures are likely to enter into force on Saturday. Bulgaria is likely to introduce restrictions across the country next Monday. In Angel Kunchev’s view, the measures should last at least 14 days, in order to yield the necessary results.

Bulgaria is planning to close restaurants, fitness centers, shopping malls, schools, kindergartens and nurseries. However, the authorities are not planning to introduce Police checkpoints on routes into and out of the large cities.

27 Bulgarian districts are now classified as Covid-19 red zones. Targovishte is the only Bulgarian district outside the Covid-19 red zone. Burgas is the city with highest morbidity rates. The fourteen-day incidence rate in this Bulgarian city has reached 724 cases of new infections per 100,000 people. /BNR