GERB challenges legitimacy of caretaker cabinet in Constitutional Court

The Constitutional Court is instituting legal proceedings, at the request of 55 MPs, regarding the appointment of Kiril Petkov as Minister of Economy in the caretaker cabinet.

Earlier today the GERB-SDS parliamentary group submitted a request to the Constitutional Court for establishing a partial unconstitutionality of the appointment of the caretaker government. The motive is the dual citizenship of Minister of Economy Kiril Petkov, deputy chair of GERB, Daniel Mitov, said.

"The question is whether this citizenship was valid at the time of his appointment. If he had dual citizenship, this means that the Constitution has been breached," Daniel Mitov added. GERB-SDS have called for the immediate dismissal of Kiril Petkov.

Minister Petkov stated that he had submitted an application for relinquishing his Canadian citizenship before taking office, but does not know if the procedure has been completed. /BGNES