GERB-SDS nominates neurosurgeon Prof. Nikolai Gabrovski for PM of expert cabinet

On behalf of GERB-SDS, Prof. Nikolai Gabrovski received the first 7-day exploratory mandate for the formation of a government.

Prof. Gabrovski is head of the neurosurgery clinic at Pirogov emergency hospital in Sofia. President Rumen Radev handed him the mandate two months after the snap elections for the 48th National Assembly of Bulgaria, and 40 days after President Radev launched political consultations with the political parties represented in parliament.

“I expect you to propose the composition of a Council of Ministers, within 7 days, that will meet the high public expectations for stability, expertise and responsibility. I would like to say that, being the first political force, you bear a major responsibility for the formation of a government. I very much hope that the additional time I have afforded for consultations has been of help in finding a successful formula,” President Radev stated.

“Regrettably, at the moment Bulgaria is at the crossroads of a multitude of crises – economic, social, we have serious migratory pressure. We have a political crisis that has stretched over two years. I shall do my best to propose a cabinet that will be more distanced from the political discourse, more distanced from the confrontation, and closer to the expert, the professional principle,” the prime minister designate, on his part said.

Prof. Gabrovski stated that he has received invitations for two things – to go and work abroad, and to enter politics, and that he has so far turned them down, but that he believes now is the time for dialogue, for putting an end to the confrontation and for breaking the cycle of constant elections.

Dr. Gabrovski graduated medicine from the Medical Academy in Sofia in 1996, and has worked at the neurology critical care unit at the Queen Joanna university hospital, and at Pirogov emergency hospital. In 2011, Prof. Gabrovski was elected national neurosurgery consultant. He has specialized many times in France, Belgium and Germany.

Bulgarian Socialist Party leader Kornelia Ninova said, in an interview with bTV, that her party will not support a government on a GERB mandate.

A GERB-proposed government will not get the support of We Continue the Change under any form, said, on his part, Daniel Lorer from We Continue the Change party. /BGNES