Health Minister Angelov: If the vaccination rate keeps we shall have complete control of the virus within a month and a half

“Bulgaria is to receive more than 480,000 doses of Moderna and 1 million of Pfizer between March and June. 52,800 doses of AstraZeneca are also expected within days,” Health Minister Prof. Kostadin Angelov said in Varna, Horizont channel reports. He reiterated that all people who have been vaccinated so far have their second shots kept for them.

“If we keep up the vaccination rate of the past week, then within a month, a month and a half we shall have complete control of the virus in the country,” Minister Angelov said. He stressed that opening up the “green corridors” depends on the new vaccine shipments expected in the coming days. Minister Angelov stated further that the political speculations with the vaccines are unacceptable, as are the any insinuations that we have a priority contract with AstraZeneca. /BGNES