Kiril Petkov: I have handed my Canadian passport over to the Canadian authorities

Minister of Economy Kiril Petkov stated, in an interview for Nova TV, that he does not have a Canadian passport in his possession, and that he has handed it, and his citizenship certificate over to the Canadian authorizes.

“When I see such powerful resistance to my actions as minister, this means I have accomplished something, that I am on the right track – obviously we are affecting big interest,” he commented and added that the attack was started by “There Is Such a People” (ITN) and was subsequently coordinated with GERB party and the Movement for Rights and Freedoms.

Minister Petkov pointed out that at yesterday’s Consultative Council on National Security, President Rumen Radev demonstrated he is a responsible politician on major issues – the Covid situation, social problems, the migrants. Kiril Petkov once again called for an update of the budget, so the next caretaker government does not find itself in the position of having to manage crisis without any money. /BGNES