Kiril Petkov: The National Assembly will have a decisive vote for North Macedonia

"No decisions on the Republic of North Macedonia will be taken without first being voted in parliament and subjected to public debate", Prime Minister Kiril Petkov told Nova TV.

He reminded that two years ago the Bulgarian government had decided to "let" the country into the European Union.
Kiril Petkov pointed out that Bulgaria is one of the few countries that veto a country's accession after they have already given the green light for it.
In his words, the long-term strategy is for North Macedonia to become an EU member. Before that, however, Skopje must guarantee the rights of Bulgarians in Macedonia by amending its constitution.
European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has assured that the institution will be guarantee in this process, the prime minister added. "If we keep waving slogans without understanding the situation, the best we can expect is to make a neighbouring country dislike us even more and reduce its chances of joining the EU", he concluded. /BGNES