Omicron is advancing in the country, alongside the flu AH3N2 virus: Prof. Iva Hristova

“It is safe to say that the Omicron variant of the coronavirus is dominant in the country, with 40% of the samples being of the Omicron variant,” Prof. Iva Hristova, director of the Centre of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases said in an interview for bTV. “This variant is advancing, adding new regions of the country. People who have not travelled are now contracting it,” Prof. Hristova added.

“A very big wave is approaching, the peak will probably come by the end of January. We have four new cases of confirmed influenza AH3N2 virus. Very few samples are being sent to be tested for influenza, because everyone is monitoring the coronavirus, but even these few samples show that the flu is in the country, that it is spreading,” Prof. Hristova said. /BGNES