Only 20% of Bulgarian doctors have been vaccinated against Covid-19

In Bulgaria, doctors are one of the main social strata that are skeptical about vaccination. It is unacceptable for the medical profession to have only 20% vaccination.

This was said in an interview with BNR by Dr. Asparuh Iliev, head of a laboratory at the University of Bern. This is "very sad and we are a champion in this respect," Iliev added.

There have been cases in the last days of the duration of the vaccine, if someone has given up, 1-2 doses to be discarded, but not whole vials. This was commented by Dr. Ivan Madzharov, President of the Bulgarian Medical Association, to bTV. Madzharov admitted that currently the vaccination consists mainly of administering of the second dose, but summed up that he is optimistic about the success of vaccination in Bulgaria. /BGNES