Parliamentary Speaker Nikola Minchev: The Parliament will not be an appendage of the executive branch

The closure of the specialized court and prosecutor's office will be one of the priorities of the 47th National Assembly, said newly elected Speaker Nikola Minchev in his first interview. Speaking to bTV, he said that the parliament would not be an appendage of the executive branch, voting on decisions already taken, but would work according to the rules of the parliamentary republic.

Nikola Minchev also said that some changes in the rules of procedure of the deputies would be necessary. One of the possible corrections will concern the so-called political nomadism - the transfer of members of one parliamentary group to another. Consideration will also be given to whether MPs should be tested for coronavirus once a week on admission to the building, as is the case with students.

The Speaker of the National Assembly admitted that there is still no answer to the question of how the remuneration of the MRF MP Delyan Peevski, included in the Magnitsky list, would be paid./BGNES