President Radev convenes new parliament on 21 July

“The National Assembly will be convened at 9 AM on 21 July. There is a clear constitutional model and we shall follow that model as quickly as possible,” President Rumen Radev said, as he attended the start of harvesting in Prof. Ishirkovo village near Silistra.

“I expect the politicians to continue with the dismantling of the flawed model of governance, so that we may find a way out of the economic crisis, the injustice and the poverty. Today is Bulgaria’s political harvest, I hope the politicians will live up to expectations,” Rumen Radev said. “I congratulate There Is such a People on their election victory. What they undertook is opening the door to dialogue, to finding a consensus and a solution,” President Radev stated.

Commenting on the idea of the caretaker cabinet continuing as a regular government, the President stated that this will be up to the MPs to decide. /BGNES