President Radev: The elections should have taken place last year, I expect a stable parliament

“We, Bulgarians are taking our fate into our own hands, and these elections will be the first step towards normalcy, towards a return to laws and rules, towards unleashing the enormous potential of the nation,” said President Rumen Radev after exercising his right to vote using a voting machine. He urged all Bulgarians over the age of 18 to vote, so history won’t have to send us back to re-sit the exam in democracy.

According to the head of state the elections should have taken place last year. “The lives of many Bulgarians would have been preserved and chaos would have been avoided,” the president said and added that he expects a stable parliament, as well as a strong and successful government.

Asked to comment on the Russia spy affair, President Radev stated that if the court confirms a major security breach, that would mean that we have a deep-going problem. /BGNES