Prof. Kostadin Angelov: We can take the masks off by end of August

At a briefing in Plovdiv, Minister of Health Prof. Kostadin Angelov has expressed satisfaction with the pace of vaccination.

"We have managed to administer 100,000 vaccines this week, which is 20% more than the previous one," he said. According to him, the electronic register will be operational on May 10. Vaccinations are planned to take place, according to a fixed schedule.

270,000 vaccines by Pfizer, which are among the most sought after, will be delivered on Monday.

Lifting limits on capacity restaurant use is also being discussed. Asked whether a fourth wave of coronavirus was expected in this country, Angelov said anything could happen.

He added that when 65% of the population was immunized, wearing masks would not be required any more. Angelov expects this to happen at the end of August. A total of 815,463 vaccines have been administered so far. /BGNES