Radev: Corruptioneers are trying to turn the clocks back to Boyko Borissov’s time

The attack against the Minister of Economy Kiril Petkov aims to question the legitimacy of all acts of the caretaker cabinet, Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev told journalists. In his words, the caretaker government has seriously affected the interests of the mafia, has shed light on and intercepted many schemes.

"You saw the empty dams. It became clear that the money for repairs was paid on paper. You saw where the loans of the Bulgarian Develoment Bank went," this country‘s head of state commented. According to him, corruptioneers are looking for a legal reason to turn the clocks back to Boyko Borissov's time. Rumen Radev expects the Constitutional Court to rule on the case ragarding Kiril Petkov's Canadian passport based on facts and Canada's response. /BGNES