Six parties enter Bulgaria's new parliament

Six political parties will enter the 45th Bulgarian National Assembly, according to the data in 99% of the processed voting protocols by Bulgaria's Central Election Commission.

GERB/SDS - 26,14%

"There Are Such People" (ITN) - 17,73%

BSP for Bulgaria – 15,02%

MRF - 10,34%

Democratic Bulgaria - 9,52%

"Stand up! Thugs Out!" - 4,74%

IMRO with a score of 3.7% does not cross the 4% threshold for entering the Bulgarian Parliament.

A total of 47,449 people noted in their ballots that they did not support anyone.

In the voting among Bulgarians living abroad, the highest number of votes were cast for the political party of showman Slavi Trifonov, with the following overall results:

ITN - 30.8%

Democratic Bulgaria - 17.6%

MRF - 13.2%

GERB - 8.7%

BSP - 7%

Nearly 26,000 people voted in Turkey - about 5,000 less than in the 2017 elections.

Four years ago, GERB won the vote among Bulgarian abroad with 24.6%. /BGNES