There's certain disparity between Varhelyi's approach and EU's Commission way of thinking

An experienced foreign diplomat acquainted with EU Commissioner for Neighborhood and Enlargement, strengthening relations with the EU's neighbouring countries Oliver Varhelyi, describes him as someone who creates an impression of an impatient European bureaucrat with a crush on setting conditions.

The thing that impresses the most among those familiar with the Commissioner is his "absence of a diplomatic eloquence, the way he presents his messages". Per the source, "the least Verhelyi could do to behave accordingly, considering his rather unavailing efforts in the Western Balkan countries and the unsuccessful attempts in regards to Serbia. The terms he presents and his verbal approaches demonstrate the nervousness of the Commissioner and must be avoided

as he is addressing a member-state, as is Bulgaria. Bulgaria cannot compromise its national interest.

As a matter of fact, Varhelyi lacks significant results not only in the Balkans. "He had ignored the advice to act more sensitively with another key Mediterranean partner of the EU, such as the Palestinian Authority and had tried to place unacceptable conditions on the Palestinians. Despite his rather argumentative behaviour, his needs weren't met, and the financial contribution of 300 million EUR, which was at stake, was unlocked due to the personal involvement of Ursula von der Leyen. "Varhelyi apparently likes a more assertive approach which makes him believe he is a scary personage. Yet his practice has been ignored by the convent of the Commissioners, which once again shows he may be omitted if necessary. /BGNES