We are open to dialogue but under the set conditions, Bulgaria's FM tells Skopje

Bulgaria remains open to dialogue and cooperation with the Republic of North Macedonia, but all meetings must be conducted according to the set conditions. This was stated in an official position by the new Foreign Ministry of Bulgaria Svetlan Stoev, sent specifically to BGNES.

BGNES publishes the full text of the position without editing:

“The Republic of North Macedonia sent a proposition for a phone call between the Foreign Ministers of the two countries, which will be conducted, as soon as Minister Stoev's schedule allows it.

Bulgaria has always been open to dialogue and cooperation with the Republic of North Macedonia and it will remain to be so. The Intergovernmental meeting may take place when the necessary provisions and conditions are in place. Conducting such a meeting should be filled with content. Therefore, we would like to remind that the future Intergovernmental meeting must adopt the annual report of the work of the Joint Multidisciplinary Expert Committee on Historical and Educational Issues.

We would like to use this opportunity to remind what minister Stoev said when taking office – that Bulgaria remains open to dialogue but in the same time the caretaker government does not have the authorization to change Bulgaria's framework position, which was adopted with consensus by all political parties in the Parliament.” /BGNES