Deep state in North Macedonia is against any raprochment with Bulgaria

Since yesterday, Lubcho Georgievski, former Prime minister of the Republic of North Macedonia in on an explanatory and government backed mission in Sofia, trying to convince Bulgarian officials not to veto Macedonian EU prospective.

In his interview given to BGNES he explains current developments and insists on the need to find as soon as possible a mutually acceptable and avoid at any price possible Bulgarian veto on North Macedonia EU perspective.

Georgievski finds that in Bulgaria is existing a pessimistic attitude about what has been happening in the Macedonian-Bulgarian relations and probably Bulgarians have reasons to think so, because some problems were expected to solve faster, however he insists, a lot has been already done during the last three years. According to him, Bulgaria and North Macedonia are sometimes “lost in translation”. As an example, currently, Macedonian media talk about Bulgaria asking Macedonia to change its Constitution, which is of course not true, according to him.

He also reveals that the Macedonian side is very ready to solve the problematic issues, including historical ones, as defining the narrative for the common historical hero – Gotse Delchev. He underlines that no one in Macedonia has said been able, for the last 70 years, to talk in that way about the common history with Bulgaria. For the first time, there’s readiness, and Bulgaria should not punish with a veto. The two countries do not need to fall into the same trap as they were doing in the past, insists Georgievski.

The former prime-minister reveals that an all-powerful “deep state” in Macedonia, composed by well-positioned journalists, university professors, economic and government structures, secret service networks are still blocking any attempt to improve relations with Bulgaria or to have any closer cooperation. According to him, this deep state is inherited from the past and backed from outside the country.

Former prime minister believes that Macedonians have the right to know about the violence and the killings perpetrated by the former Yugoslav communist regime and there shouldn’t be any more monuments or street names in Skopie of people who have been involved in this terror activities. /BGNES