Lena Borislavova: Sofia expects proof that Skopje takes hate speech and discrimination of Macedonian Bulgarians seriously

The conference in Skopje with the participation of a Bulgarian delegation led by Premier Kiril Petkov has been postponed, because of the lack of a document indicating progress in negotiations between the two countries, Lena Borislavova, head of the Prime Minister’s Political Cabinet said in an interview for the BNT.

In her words, Bulgaria has not been subject to pressure by the United States. The Bulgarian delegation in Washington explained that it expected results from Skopje. "Sofia expects proof that Skopje has taken hate speech and discrimination of Macedonian Bulgarians seriously", Lena Borislavova noted.

At the Dryanovo Monastery, Bulgaria’s Vice President Iliana Yotova commented that the anti-Bulgarian positions are being upheld even more in North Macedonia, including at the highest level. That is why Bulgaria and North Macedonia will not hold joint celebrations on the occasion of May 24. /BGNES