ITN: When it comes to mafia, we should point to “We Continue the Change”

At a special briefing organised by "There is Such a People" (ITN), the breakaway 5 MPs and the Minister of Sports Radostin Vassilev were accused of treason. A recording of a telephone conversation between Vassilev and ITN MP Kristinka Ivanova was released to the media, in which she was threatened to leave the ITN parliamentary group but she refused.

MP Stanislav Balabanov said that the policy towards North Macedonia was among the reasons for ITN's withdrawal from the ruling coalition. Balabanov invited Prime Minister Kiril Petkov to answer whether his handwriting was on a note the MP has. According to Balabanov, the note contained a plan for the European integration of the Republic of North Macedonia. "Let everyone see who the traitor is," Balabanov added.

"When it comes to the mafia - the mafia is in We Continue the Change," Regional Development Minister Grozdan Karadzhov said, commenting on the party’s comments that he had asked for an unprecedented rise of his ministry's budget. Karadzhov said that he had coordinated all his actions with both the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance Assen Vassilev. "We signed a coalition agreement with them in the name of eliminating the evil that ruled Bulgaria for 12 years. Unfortunately, we created an even bigger evil," Balabanov added. /BGNES